It’s been along time in between posts

I have been away but the writing bug bites hard at times and that’s what is happening now.  I plan on resurrecting this blog and going forward.  I am going to avoid for the most part current events and politics unless I have a unique take on it that I feel is being ignored.  Yes, I will principally be writing about atheism, and apologetic but also items and events that have little or nothing to do with atheism.

There will be food,  though I am not a foodie and there is nothing wrong with appending the appellation of foodie  to yourself.  Nevertheless there are tasty treats that will be shared and the recipe for making them.  Pictures as well though they are not going to be high quality pictures they will get the point across as each I am told is worth a thousand words.

One reason for abandoning this blog for so long centers around not knowing how to use all of the bells and whistles that come with having a wordpress blog.  That will change as I mature, and find others that really know their way around the blogging world.  I don’t, can’t, won’t watch videos;  Long gone are the days that a moving image can hold me spell bound.  I would make exceptions for very short youtube videos but not many.  Until such time you expect some clutter and untidiness.


With the Sochi Winter Olympic games fast approaching the Russian’s are feverishly looking for at least 4 Islamic terrorists. The four are widows of 4 terrorists killed by the Russians in recent clashes. Last month in Volgograd, the storied city once called Stalingrad, two black widows blew themselves up on Russian city buses. The bombings which killed 34 and injured many others took place in December of this past year and according to Islamist militant group Vilayat which took credit for the infamous attack, more is in store for the athletes and tourists, and city dwellers come this Feb in Sochi. The terrorists speaking on a 49 minute video state . . .

 “If you hold these Olympics, we will give you a present for the innocent Muslim blood being spilled all around the world — in Afghanistan, in Somalia, in Syria.”  They added, “For the tourists who come, there will be a present, too.”

All apart of a forty-nine minute diatribe courtesy of Islamic block heads. There is a tendency for the media outlets in the west to refer to such acts of violence–bombing a bus etc– to call these individuals suicide bombers. Clearly this is not the case, the act isn’t one meant to be one of self-destruction though that surely occurs, and there maybe a desire to at some level to end the pain and suffering of losing a loved one. The act is to commit homicide, to take as many with you as you go; murder plain and simple. I imagine that death, sudden and sure has got to be better than living your life as a woman in some Islamic hellhole. Taking innocent lives with you when you check out–not good.

Islam, like all religions is evil.


Perhaps you’ve heard of the latest computer malware.  It’s called Cryptolocker and it encrypts the files on your computer.  Not all of the files but the really important ones.  Documents, pictures,xls files essentially everything that you have on your system that is not needed for the system to boot up and run.  Except you will not be able to access for files because they are encrypted with formidable encryption.  You nor anyone else will be able to break it, or be able to brute force attack it.  At this point you are pretty much screwed unless that is you pay the ransom for the key.  The ransom costs $300 in bitcoins if you pay up in the first 96 hours, $2000. if your wait too long.  Nothing if you have made regular back ups of your data.
Back up your data now.  If you use a external hard drive for such purposes make sure to disconnect it physically from your system.  Only reconnect it to allow the back up process to complete, then disconnect it again.  USB drives are dirt cheap these days, get several of them and keep your files on these.  DVD’s are also dirt cheap and cannot be encrypted.  Keep your anti-virus programs up to date.  Nearly all reliable anti-malware programs allow for automatic updates, make sure that they are engaged and taking the required updates.  I personal use Avast on my wife’s Windows base machine.  AVG is also good and I can recommend that one as well.  It’s a favorite of the IT team when talking about free protection.  Use Secunia personal software inspector.  It will examine all of the software on you system and alert you to which programs require updating.  All of these are free for non-commercial use.  Microsoft Security essentials is also free and for me it worked with Avast installed and active.  I also recommend Super Antispyware to remove malacious spyware.  There is a free version of this available with reduced function.
Lastly, and I just did this today.  Comodo Desktop Security, makers of the best firewall in the business also makes a anti-malware suite that comes with their firewall.  It will take a suspicious file like cryptolocker and run it in the sandbox where it can do no harm.  Once it detects that the software is indeed malware, it give you the option to remove it.  The good people at Comodo state that their security suite is %100. effective.  Always back up your data, always.  Then you can tell the bad guys to go to hell.

I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above.  I do use their products. 

Militant Atheist Attacks Pastor II

Following on the heels of my earlier post, Hemant Mehta posted a link to a page to secure donations to help offset the medical cost relating to the unprovoked, outrageous beating of Rev Norman Hayes.  As promised I gave small amount.  I didn’t feel the need to mention atheism in my gift, only that it was a horrendous act and that it must not stand.  

The atheist movement will survive the outrage.  This attack could have life shortening consequences for Rev. Norm; and that’s just plain unacceptable.

Militant Atheist Attacks Pastor



James Maxie pictured above, a self described militant atheist attacks  Rev. Norman Hayes, after Hayes asked his girlfriend if she felt safe with him:  Maxie is a person with history of violent outbursts.  

He previously spent two years in jail for a felonious assault conviction, and became a convicted sex offender after have unlawful sexual contact with a minor in 2008. He was also charged, but never convicted, of four counts of animal cruelty in 2004.


The beating of Rev. Hayes is a savage act, there is no justification for this brutal act.  


Police Chief Jarrod Campbell said in his 11 years with the department, he’s rarely dealt with “an incident this brutal.”
The Rev. Norman Hayes, 57, said he feared for his life and begged for the attack to stop. Hayes suffered a broken nose, bruises and three long cuts that required stitches across his face.


I want to make clear that I have no problem calling attention to this incident.  I have taken christians to task for the supposed superiority of their moral compass.  James Maxie must be made to pay for what he did to Rev Hayes.  Both monetarily and of course behind bars where he belongs.  His crime perpetrated on Norman Hayes is a crime against Hayes and the State of Ohio.  I do not condone Maxie’s actions and I say that James Maxie has no moral compass.  He and his actions are despicable.  He bring disrepute upon me and the atheist community and that is not something I am going to forgive, no matter what the bible says.  Given the extent of his injuries it appears that Rev. Hayes did in fact turn the other cheek.  To have done otherwise could have cost him more than a severe beating.  Perhaps even his life, wisely Rev. Hayes begged him to stop and rightfully so.  Hemant Mehta aka the Friendly Atheist is making personal inquiries into the well being of Rev. Norman Hayes.  If it turns out that Rev. Hayes needs assistance and I cannot imagine that he couldn’t use at the very least financial assistance to help pay for the medical bills.  Hemant will no doubt set up a way that concerned people, and us the greater atheist community can come together and aid this innocent man.  I am going to donate because it’s the right thing to do.

James Maxie you are dead to me.


What’s the Harm II

Well that didn’t take long. It’s now certain that the holy banshee that forced Dianne Reidy ‘s karaoke performance in the House of Representatives.  I am sure no one that follows the antics of  religious nut jobs is surprised by the revelation.  What is surprising is that many individuals have come to the conculsion that Reidy’s ravings are inspired by the holy poltergeist.  That this tool of the lord was speaking god’s mind.  One commenter lamented that Reidy was taken in for a mental health examination.  Really that all together fitting and proper, her husband defended his wife bizarre behavior.  He too has taken leave of his senses.  Hopefully they are not gun owners, never know what the holy spook will have her do next.Image

What’s The Harm





Dianne Reidy pictured above, lost her composure during the House vote to reopen the US government. Her rant is described as bizarre and she is said to have been dragged off of the floor. Reidy described as a gentle soul is a stenographer for the House of Representatives. This past October 16th she stepped up to the microphone in the house inquired if it was on and then launched into her rant. She spouted off about the Free Mason’s the Constitution and a divided house, and at that she was not quoting Abraham Lincoln’s speech about a divided house.


Reportedly she said. “He will not be mocked! He will not be mocked!” the woman raved as she stepped onto the dais and took over the microphone on the House floor. . . “This is not one nation under God. It never was,” she said. (I’m not arguing with her there maybe she’s not nuts after all) “Had it been … the Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons, they go against God.” Nope she’s whacked. “You cannot serve two masters!” she finished, leaving members and staffers stunned.


Several more times she intoned God will not be mocked, god will not be mocked! Prior to being escorted to the elevator.  She is once again correct but for the wrong reason. There would is a need for there to be a god in order for a god to be mocked. You cannot mock that which isn’t.

 Quickly security secured the chamber and “dragged” that gentle soul off to a hospital for some much n needed rest.

Rep. Gerry Connelly (D-Va.) said the stenographer is a familiar and liked figure in the House, The Washington Post reported.

 It’s possible that her christian fundamentalist views of religion had nothing to do with her bizarre tirade. Her very public meltdown could I suppose be blamed on stress and working long hours with individuals whose strong views on how to or not to fuck up the country, may have been too much for her delicate constitution. Bizarre as it is, I am certain that it does not equal to some of the stupidest things ever uttered in that building. God talk not withstanding.


Nevertheless given the concentricity of her statements on and about her tendentious beliefs about her non-existent sky faerie. It seems very unlikely she would have commandeered the microphone unless she believed her god wanted her to chastise the members of congress. It’s not a sure thing but she may end up in the unemployment line. Possibly because she wants to spend more time with her family, the usual excuse. Or perhaps Fox News has hired her away. Her unsubstantiated beliefs bizarre beliefs have informed her behavior and she is likely to lose her job. Still, she just might end up on the christian talk circuit. Another persecuted christian.  For now though it’s off to the rubber room.  Please remove all sharp objects, nighty night.

 A very good article at the Huffington Post.









Two to Tango

Just as there is nothing inherent in atheism that makes someone immoral, there is nothing about today’s story that makes it singularly Christian. That is to say that people do bad things, behave badly and are less than altruistic and not surprising very often on the lookout for themselves. Greedy willing to take advantage of any situation such like the near looting of a Wal-Mart in LA, though Wal-Mart is complicit in the shopping spree.

At two separate Wal-Mart locations in Louisiana, Mansfield and Springhill respectively, grocery shoppers made off with cart load after cart load of food. Quoting Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd–Some customers were pushing more food than any household could store in a refrigerator and freezer. I saw people drag out eight to ten grocery carts, he said. . . . “There was no food left on any of the shelves, and no meat left. The grocery part of Walmart was totally decimated.” He said one customer made about $700 in food purchases.

What was the cause of all the pandemonium? The States computer system went down causing an outage in the Food Share program. The EBT cards used to make purchases didn’t register a limit. At this point in the story I wondered why just these two stores? Oh yeah that’s right it’s Wal-Mart and they drove the competition out of town. Nope not this time around, other stores refused to honor the EBT card while the state’s computers were down. The manger of the Springhill store called corporate headquarters seeking advice. Chief Lynd informed the manger that he had a right to refuse however the upper management in formed the store manager to let it ride. 
Funny thing is that both the wealthy and the poor took advantage of the state. However only poor will see any negatives stemming from the windfall. Wal-Mart will get paid, having the best existing stores single sales day at these two stores since Black Friday both in the past and perhaps the future. Major changes to the Food Share program are no doubt in the works. The poor and not the wealthy will take all the blame for the feeding frenzy. Both are equally culpable, and what are the odds that in the bible belt that some of those involved had the moral superiority that comes from word of god? Yes, these hearers of the word, these holy men and women of god acting like they just wanted to sin.

All Systems Go




I updated or perhaps it more accurate to say I back dated my laptop. I had been running Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail. Then Friday night I made the upgrade to Saucy Salamander but it’s in Beta and some of the functions I like stopped working. So after a little deliberation I made the switch back to Ringtail however, I am using the GNOME desktop and not Unity. It’s quite a bit different but so far I like it.

This post as are most of the other tripe I write is being written on a desk top that is running the Tails live operating system. Make that a kick ass live operating system. There is much to like about it. The TOR/Iceweasel browser. Open office products for productivity, Audacity for sound recording needs and even the gimp for dealing with images, many of the programs that I use the most are all included with Tails. I don’t need a firewall or anti-spy ware because when the system goes down everything disappears down the rabbit hole. According to recent revelations from EFF, Glen Greenwald et el the NSA has their own servers that mimic other hosts, with the exception that the NSA is placing tracking software on a users–make that adversaries, computers*. We the general public, the people of the world going about our everyday lives are the adversaries, the enemy. An excerpt from the Guardian’s web site.


Other efforts mounted by the agencies include attempting to direct traffic toward NSA-operated servers, or attacking other software used by Tor users. One presentation, titled ‘Tor: Overview of Existing Techniques’, also refers to making efforts to “shape”, or influence, the future development of Tor, in conjunction with GCHQ. . . .


. . . Several attacks result in implanting malicious code on the computer of Tor users who visit particular websites. The agencies say they are targeting terrorists or organized criminals visiting particular discussion boards, but these attacks could also hit journalists, researchers, or those who accidentally stumble upon a targeted site.


The Tails live operating system effectively supplants this because, if they manage to plant anything on the Tails system its gone upon reboot. The exception is if a user decides to allow some hard disk storage that will remain after termination of the live system or if files are saved to a USB drive. In my case the internals (hard-drive) is non functioning, it’s dead kaput. My desktop uses only RAM and a DVD drive that houses the DVD on which the live system is stored. The hard-drive in its dying state a few weeks ago gave rise to using the tails system. That and the Ubuntu live trial that is incorporated with the install. It occurred to me while observing the last minutes of my hard-drive existence, though I lacked awareness of it at the time. That I could use the Ubuntu, and or the system restore disk as a functioning computer system. Then and there out of the mist of my addled mind there returned to me the Tails system. Arguably though all three would work, Tails is the most complete turn key operation.

Why is that? Because it’s engineered to be that way the TOR browser and Vidalia bridge are included. Last night I spent at least an hour getting TOR to work on my laptop. Something about Raring Ringtail 13.04 doesn’t jibe with TOR at first glance. After attempting several work around’s—including cutting and pasting in additional code it all came together. The problem is just like last time, whatever I did worked I just don’t know what it’s that caused TOR to work.

1. NPR news report, how the NSA refer’s to the people it spies on. See also article that appeared in the Guardian.

Warning warning danger Will Robinson



The news on Yahoo’s home page sends chills down my spine.
Authorities in New Mexico are looking for 9 children, though it’s alleged that one of the missing children has returned to his parents. The children are or were in the custody of the Tierra Blanca Ranch which is administered by Scott Chandler. Chandler is thought to be with the missing children. What make this chilling ? This 30,000 acre ranch hellhole is being investigated by the New Mexico State Police for alleged abuse that has taken place under it auspices. On one occasion officers were called to the ranch at the behest of one of the campers inmates. The child had called them from a phone that he had taken from the camp after he fled escaped. At the time the officers found the boy he was in shackles.

 According to state police reports, program participants said they saw one teen beaten by an employee while the boy was shackled after he had been forced to run all day. Other police reports say employees had groups of teenage residents beat another resident for being uncooperative.Officers called to the ranch on at least one occasion found a boy in shackles. He had escaped and called state police on a telephone he had taken from the ranch. Officers returned the boy to the ranch and had to serve a search warrant later to retrieve him at his mother’s request.

Also according to same piece in the Express News article the ranch hellhole on earth has garnered the states attention since 2006.

Pegasus Legal Services for Children and parents of some teenagers placed in the program began asking for an investigation into the ranch earlier this year, claiming the program appeared to violate fundamental rights of the teenagers staying there. In a series of letters, Pegasus executive director Elizabeth McGrath urged CYFD Secretary Yolanda Deines to open an investigation into the program. The ranch has been on state child welfare agency’s radar since 2006, but the agency has taken no action. The agency determined in 2006 or 2007 that the ranch was a wilderness program and therefore not subject to licensing requirements.

After reading several articles about the alleged abuses that have taken place at the Tierra Blanca Ranch; I decided to see if they had a web presence. I was not to be disappointed, I also suspected I would find that the camp administrators were in fact devoted christians, and not only that but that god would figure predominately in the running of the camp. Right again, it’s almost too easy.

The Chandlers are Cattle ranchers with a heart for God and turning these kids lives around.

Because nothing tells the Chandlers how to treat a troubled juvenile better than the bible right? Spare the rod spoil the child, stoning disobedient children, etc. So what method do these intrepid, loving godly people use to train beat up a child?

You may have already guessed, and probably correctly so. In case you missed your guess or didn’t think it all the way through this is how The Albuquerque Journal reported the story.

 The Albuquerque Journal reported last week that the state is investigating claims that teens were beaten and forced to wear leg shackles and handcuffs for minor violations of rules at the unlicensed program. The Journal also reported that investigators had found evidence of pervasive medical neglect, systematic emotional and psychological abuse, potential criminal sexual contact and shackling, handcuffing and hooding of children – in some cases for prolonged periods.

So not only did they do the lord’s work training beating up a child. They also got paid to do it; and don’t forget they also earned the love and undying affection of the chirstian community. It’s just a little bit of heaven Guantanamo right here in the USA.