Thank You Turkey for Swedish Meatballs

Sweden comes clean after all these years.  The Meatball so strongly associated with that great country, is in fact a product of another great country, Turkey.

The recipe for these wonderful tasting delightful meaty spheres was brought back to Sweden form what is now modern day Turkey, then the Ottoman empire, by Charles–err King Charles XII.  Based on a recipe that Chucky brought home to Sweden when he returned from exile, a 6 year stint at that.

Having acquired a taste for the local cuisine, he returned to Sweden in 1714 with the recipe not just for köfte, the spiced lamb and beef meatballs that in time became the Swedish staple köttbullar, but also for the popular stuffed cabbage dish now known in Sweden as kåldolmar.

So after all these years credit is given where credit is due.



Gimp 2.10 is Now Available

Of all the image editing software available today GMP (The Gimp) is my go to favorite.  It’s just been revitalized with a new look and many more options.  I made the upgrade yesterday after reading about it on It’s FOSS.

Rather than me telling you about it, take a look for yourself.  Abhishek Prakash who maintains the It’s FOSS, site does a fair job of taking GMP apart and in laypersons terms relates the new and exciting features in this version.  Not only that but there is an embarrassment of riches for the users of Ubuntu, Linux and various sundry iterations of FOSSware at this site.  Stop by and check it out.  Again I need to note, I am in now way compensated for this endorsement.  Neither by the good folks at It’s FOSS or GIMP.  I just like what they do.


News of the Titanic as it Appeared Then

I linked the front page to the site and if you want to peruse the entire April edition follow the link below.


Posting This

The above came from the Minnesota Historical Society website.  I use this quite extensively as I do background research on the Great Lakes ship wrecks.  It’s free to use and easy to use.  It goes way back and up to 1922, and have several different newspaper editions.

He Fought the Law and the Law Won

Jared Michael Owens just can’t seem to stay out of trouble or for that matter jail.  This past Friday 13th he managed to attract the attention of the locals:  Sheriff’s spokesperson Haferman states–  at 8:49 a.m., the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint of a suspicious person and vehicle on Spruce Drive, between Ebenezer Drive south of Watertown and Interstate-94. 

Mr. Owens was operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license, and driving a vehicle which had suspended registration, and doing so in a suspicious manner whatever that means.  I suppose that a person tends to telegraph suspicious intent when they step over the line between the legal and the illegal.  It’s worth mentioning that Jared Michael already had to warrants for his arrest prior to this traffic stop.  Yep, Jared was pulled over for his suspicious behavior.   The deputy making the stop performed a routine records check and discovered that Owens was dirty.  Here’s how the spokescop details the incident:  Jefferson County Deputy Michael Gosh contacted Owens after pulling him over and conducting a records check. After Gosh informed him of the two warrants for his arrest, Owens stated “No way,” refused to exit his vehicle and sped away.

Game on. 

I forgot to mention that the weather is southern Wisconsin on Friday night was hardly conducive to a high speed chase.  But then again a person driving suspiciously, with two arrest warrants in an automobile with expired tags, on a suspended license, is not apt to let a little inclement weather prevent him from making good on his get away.

Speeds up to 110 MPH (177 KPH)

It should come as no surprise that the odds of actually getting away from a sheriff’s deputy or any other law enforcement officer is calculate out to be a very small but non-zero number out of 100 people that try it.  It’s not so much out running one cop, but several highly motivated, individuals that have trained for such likely eventualities.  They as a matter of routine drive at high speeds, and are trained to handle the vehicle at those speeds, and they have radios.  Let’s see how events transpired:

Haferman said the ensuing pursuit proceeded south on State Highway 26 into Johnson Creek, where it continued west on Linmar Lane, then onto North Watertown Street and westbound on Interstate 94.

“A second squad (car) got into the pursuit on the interstate,” Haferman said. “Speeds reached in excess of 110 miles per hour.”

The patrol captain said the sheriff’s office halted its pursuit as deputies were approaching Lake Mills and the State Patrol had managed to stop Owens’ vehicle using spike strips on I-94.

He Put His Hands Up

At some point during the chase the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department performed a cost benefit analysis and coming to the realization that the public at large benefited more now if the chase was terminated, they would eventually get their “man” later.   So the decision to terminate was made but, at about that time, Mr. Owens dumb luck ran out as he ran over a tactfully placed set of spike strips.  Since the spike strips were deployed by the Wisconsin State Patrol, you can damn well know they were deployed by the book.  You can also correctly assume that all four tires of the getaway vehicle were punctured.  They were.  However what’s a high speed pursuit without an accompanying foot chase?

Jared Michael Owens is not one to give up without one last attempt.  I’m guessing that he didn’t get far on foot.  When he exited his vehicle it was to make one final valiant attempt to get away.  I’m guessing that he exhausted himself rather quickly because rather quickly he threw in the towel and when instructed to grab some sky he relented and put his hands up.

The article doesn’t mention the use of K-9, and I forgot to mention that it, the god, is also one of those tools which favors the LEO’s.  I make it a habit to listen to the scanner, and I heard some of this on the scanner.  What I find interesting is that whenever the dispatcher calls on a unit that has a K-9 officer you can always hear the dog’s reaction.  The dog likes it.  They like the energy, and when called on, they like the pursuit.  Especially that foot chase, it’s fun.  Real fun.  Even if the K-9 wasn’t involved right at that moment, they can be there in a few minutes time, and they love it.

More Charges

The lyric I love the most of any Steely Dan tune goes something like this–They got a name for the winners in the world–I want a name when I lose. . .  How about Jared Michael Owens?

Jared was found with a set of brass knuckles on his person.  That’s a big no no in Wisconsin.  Evading a officer–that too is a no no.  I’m guessing that in his case it felony evading.  The article doesn’t mention what his two other warrants were for but it’s a safe guess that they were not issued for non-payment of parking tickets.  Jared’s goose is good and well cooked.  Oh, and he’ll need at the very least 4 new or used tires for his vehicle.

And so cue the record, ah one, anda two, anda three. . .

Breakin’ rocks in the hot sun
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the law won
I needed money ’cause I had none
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the law won

Yep, He Blowed up Real Good

At the same time as the Austin mad bomber began targeting. killing and maiming citizens of that fine Texas city, Benjamin Douglas Morrow, blew himself up while making explosives in his apartment in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin USA.   It’s probably just a coincidence that these two “Christians” were ginning up explosives.

Benjamin, had white supremacist literature in what was left of his apartment when it went up,  and it has been extrapolated from that that he leaned that way.  Though the linked article doesn’t say so, it’s likely that he was well on the way to becoming a “Sovereign Citizen.”  A special kind of ardent government hating individual, that believes that laws don’t apply to them, which they back up by citing admiralty law and other such arcane bullshit.  These individuals are extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

On March 5, Benjamin was cooking a batch of explosives in his apartment when something went horribly wrong.  There was boom, one that damaged the apartment building, and killed Benny.  He was identified by DNA since there wasn’t any other way.  Ben wasn’t just your run of the mill crazy.  He had attended a Christian college in Pensacola, and minored in chemistry.  He knew his way around the lab so to speak.

What’s more is that he was very productive at making the explosives.  I hesitate to say bomb since the ATF and the FBI as well as other officials do not say he was making bombs.  He did for a fact produce the essential ingredients for bomb making, the explosives themselves.  So on a technical note Ben wasn’t a bomber.

Morrow’s death is a puzzle to all who knew him, said the Rev. Jerry Marsden. Marsden will preside at Morrow’s funeral service Thursday in Madison.

“I’d love to defend Ben because he has been described as a bomb maker and he’s not a bomb maker,” Marsden said. “He wasn’t a recluse as some have said he is. He was far from that.”

As my brother is fond of saying, “no matter how much you think you no someone, you can never really know them.”  I doubt that it was a puzzle to all who knew him.  I am guessing that along the way more than on individual thought Ben to be “different”.  Again I am going to have to go along with his pastor, he made explosives, a lot of it.  So much so that even after trying to further blow up his apartment, intentionally, and failing.  The authorities decided it was too risky to remove the hazardous materials he produced and therefore a controlled burn was conducted.  That was the only safe way to dispose of the materials needed to build bombs.  The FBI and ATF didn’t say that he built bombs, he very well may have.  He may have been a bomb maker we the public at large were not given that information.  Was he a recluse?  I cannot judge that and am willing to take the pastors word for it.  Since brewing up explosives is at a minimum highly illegal, I’m going to say that at best Ben was up to no good.

Co-workers stated that often Ben would come to work smelling like moth balls.  It’s believed that he used these to cover up the smell from his handiwork.  When news of this first broke, I had wondered how he managed to make such large quantities of explosives, home brewed, without attracting attention from the stink involved.  Even though the moth balls might have hidden the trail on his clothing, it would do little to coverup the smell seeping out of his apartment, even with the windows open.

His misadventures ended up killing himself but could have been so much worse.  As it was it cost his neighbors everything they owned.  Authorities wouldn’t allow the neighbors back into their apartments to remove any of their processions though relented a little allowing law enforcement professionals to retrieve things like large sums of cash and birth certificates, nothing more.  At the end of the day everybody lost, and Ben went to meet the Heavenly Bomb Maker.


Daphne the Inflatable Duck is Safe

A giant yellow inflatable duck believed to have been missing at sea off Western Australia for almost a week was actually found making a break for Rottnest Island by a local fisherman just hours after being swept away. . .

I’d love to have this duck,  an am very glad for the Cockburn Masters Swimming Club.  According to the linked article Daphne, is this years mascot for the Jetty to Jetty Swim. For me the sight of this big bright yellow duck was love at first sight.  Both my daughter and I love “duckies”.


A giant inflatable duck is towed behind a boat in the ocean, slightly deflated. Thank you Toby Gibb.

“Daphne” the duck was spotted by Toby Gibb near Rottnest after he went fishing with his mate early on the morning of March 11.

“I found it an hour after it went missing,” he said.

“No-one knew about a missing duck at that point, we didn’t know where did it come from.

Daphne had made it about 30 kilometers, that’s about 18.6 miles to us Yanks, out to sea before being apprehended by Mr. Gibb.  The club is now engaged negotiations to get her safely back.

I imagine this will be very good, free publicity for the club, and it certainly paints Mr. Gibb in a good light.







Chair Force One

Much is being made out of Hillary Clinton stumbling attempting to descend a set of concrete steps in India.  She required the assistance of her handlers, body guards, SS agents.  Of course her health became an issue during the campaign but we were told that Hillary was fit as a fiddle.  There were even accusations of a body double being used after her very public fainting spell during a 9/11 remembrance ceremony.  That we were told was due to a bout of pneumonia which pasted rather quickly.  I think there’s a much better explanation for these missteps.

  Naturally it could be due to age and fragility, however, alcohol abuse is another overlooked reason.  Hill’s is a drunk.  She’s in the throes of denial.  Her staff would tell you if they could but owing to nondisclosure agreements we won’t find out any time soon.  But yeah, she’s tossing them back, heavy duty day drinking going on.  When the truth finally comes out, Hillary, will use it to her advantage as would any political–celeb.  Life’s been a little bit hard on Hills, we need to be more understanding.

Aside from chemical dependency, medically speaking, there is nothing physically wrong with Hillary.  Shes fine.


Controlled Explosion Slated for Beaver Dam Wisconsin Apartment Building

Beaver Dam Wisconsin Wisconsin USA.

This is what happens when you don’t follow the instructions to the T.  The individual that produced the explosion hasn’t been positively identified yet.  That’s likely due to the fact that there was very little left of him.  Authorities say that this was not a meth lab explosion and that there were and are chemicals in that building that are too dangerous to move.  Too unstable.  It appears that they tried to eliminate the remainder by intentional explosion but that didn’t quite complete the task.  So the only remaining option is a controlled burn.

Officials said there was great concern over the materials found inside the apartment.

“We found a significant amount of highly volatile, homemade explosives,” said Police Chief John Kreuziger. “These materials are so sensitive they cannot be handled and they cannot be removed from the affected apartment unit.”

The people who until recently lived in the building will lose everything, EVERYTHING.  They will not be allowed to remove mementos, keepsakes, pictures, grandma’s silverware etc.  I cannot not fathom the loss to them.  What will be taken away from them by force of law are those very things that anchor ones life.  That help shape a sense of identity and belonging.  Things that are often wiped out in natural occurrences such as tornadoes, floods, and of course structure fires.  The loss of which can and often does lead to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  While they got out with their lives, they will be leaving behind much of the things that make them whole, make them who they are.

Come Wednesday, it all goes up in smoke.  Authorities will attempt to same as many of the adjoining buildings as is safely possible.  Residents of those building will be evacuated by force of law, something that makes sense but I suppose that there are those that wouldn’t leave other wise.  A perimeter of 500ft will be set up and those in that area will have to go.  Those 1000ft away will be allowed to shelter in place but cannot have open doors or windows–again makes perfect sense.

Building 109 is the set to go up in flames on Wednesday, March 14 2018 promptly at 9:00 am.  Anyone living within that red circle must be out of their homes until the controlled burn is completed.

The red box is the shelter in place box–me I’d leave.

 We still don’t know what specific chemicals led to the deadly explosion. Mayor Glewen said the heat from the “controlled burn” will “render the situation finally safe.” The bad news is that residents of Building #109 will be “permanently evacuated,” and they won’t be able to retrieve their belongings.

The above two snaps showing the no go zone and shelter in place zone came from Suzanne Spencer’s twitter account.






Distracted Walking, A Violation Taylor Made to Generate Manna from Heaven

Distracted walking will now cost the residents of Montclair CA. US$100.  What is distracted walking?

Talking on the phone, using a mp3 player, looking at a mobile device etc.  Wearing a head set or ear buds.  Do any of this or more while crossing a street and it will cost you.

The city and the local police are looking for ways to remove cash from the pockets of it’s citizens.  This is a win win for the cops.  They now have a stupid reason to stop and perform a search on some unsuspecting slob and take their money, search their phone or otherwise shake them down.  The city, state and the cops all get a share of grossly outside fine.

The city is alarmed with this new boutique crime.  People could get hurt they maintain.  Not like they really care about that.  What they did care about is that people getting hurt and they didn’t have a mechanism in place to get money out of it.  Well now they do.

The article say that the fatality rate for pedestrians is now 15% as opposed to whatever the fatality rate was before,  the article doesn’t say what the rate was before the advent of devices that cause such great concern.  Probably was 15%.

Rest assured that crime is all but absent in Montclair CA.  Except for distracted walking Montclair is probably the safest city in the USA.

Since I walk to work and back home on an almost daily basis I understand that there are risks involved.  I’ve been nearly clipped on several occasions and I’m not using any electronic devices.  In Wisconsin it’s the operator of any motorized conveyance to relinquish the right of way to pedestrians.  The exception seems to be made for divided highways intended for –higher–speeds, interstate highways–motorways etc.  This may or may not be the same for the other 49 states.

I wait for the walk signal, and have had to dodge distracted drivers.  Recently my wife bought for me high visibility reflective vests.  Which I hope will make me highly visible to others.  So I get it walking is dangerous enough to begin with.  Using all of my senses helps me avoid becoming bumper art.  Most drivers are very careful and surprising courteous, and we all make mistakes.

In the same way that laws stop illegal behavior, this law will stop distracted walking.  It won’t.  But now the city, state, and the police will no get a cut of the delicious, sweet sweet fine money to fill their coffers.  The bonus is that they won’t have to raise taxes, and they can target one group of people over others.  The old we won’t tax you, and we won’t tax me, we’ll tax the fella behind the tree.

Sleep tight America–unless you’re the guy behind the tree.