CryptoParty–How to Get Around the Gate Keepers III

The CryptoParty handbook is somewhat dated but still relevant.  It’s also free and does a very good job of explaining how to stay private especially when privacy is needed the most.

I’ve hosted a CryptoParty in my home town, and would consider doing it again.  One other very good source of privacy education is Security in a Box.   Like the CryptoParty Handbook (PDF ); Security in a Box is a entire security how to with simple, elegant explanations of how to implement Security.  But perhaps for the beginner no better source is available that the (Electronic Frontier Foundation).  This link will take you to their Surveillance Self Defense guide.  If you start with that, you will understand how much or how little you can do to prevent unwanted attention from the Gate Keepers.  You will learn the importance of using some of the many tools available to keep trackers off your arse.

For starters kick google to the curb.  Stop using Chrome.  Use Firefox instead.  Better yet use TOR.  Use it everywhere and everyday even for simple searches.  I look for everything but the weather using TOR.  Make Firefox more secure by installing (1) Privacy Badger, available from  That little addon will go along way towards preventing trackers.  It’s a addon that learns and can be customized for your needs.  (2) Available from the same source is HTTPS Everywhere.  Be sure to add this to Firefox too.  This little addon forces connections to us encrypted connections thus making your searches and doing business invisible to lurkers.  (3) Further fortify your system by adding No Script to Firefox browser.  This will prevent scripts from running automatically.  It kills of video and some images.  You might find that you need to disable to view some content.  However, you get to make the decision of what is shown, and run in your browser.  (4) Another must have is Cookie Auto Delete.  It allows cookies to be added to your browser and when you exit the site which placed the cookies, they are automatically deleted.  No need to manually clean your browser.  Just doing these four things will Help greatly.  There are many more very simple steps you can take to guard your person information and I will be posting them here.  I forgot to mention all of the above is free.  No cost, none.

Get started right away you have nothing to lose but your shadow.  In the next installment I will return to how to slip past those that regulate where you can go and what you can read and watch.



Getting Around the Gate Keeper’s II

If you leave in New Zealand, or Australia you might be interested in this.  Recent events have spotlighted the governments desire to prevent the sharing of information that they don’t want their citizens to have.  I speak not only of the reprehensible live streamed video, and the deplorable act when spawned it. But also information and news stories that those in power, the gate keepers what to keep you from seeing and thinking about.  Not to mention fine or imprison the fine people of those nations.

Since the Snowden revelations new software, and advocates for using that software have come widely available.  However, there are still far too many people not taking advantage of this software.  In at least one case in New Zealand it would or could have saved one 18 year old young man from being arrested.  He faces huge fines and a 10 prison sentence for sharing and viewing the digital video of the vile attack on the two Islamic Centers.  That the sentence does not in any meaningful way fit the crime, is a crime in and off itself perpetrated by the outraged powers that be.  In a word it’s draconian.

Furthermore that same authoritarian government has busied itself by restricting the access their electorate to several rather benign websites.  There exists rather easy to implement methods that will render ineffective the best attempts of the government to eliminate access.  I will detail two such widely available software systems that will circumvent government oversight.


Because in western style democracies the government is the servant of the people and not the other way around.  Also the government should fear the people and not the other way around.  Disappearing down the rabbit hole at will is a great way of keeping the authoritarian bastards  up late at night.  So if you want to engage in some serious “silent running”, read on.

You will need some software and a USB/thumb drive (alternatively we can use a DVD.) that is capable of holding at least 4 gig.  They are cheap and widely available.  The software is free as in free beer.  You can chose to donate to the cause, and I encourage that but it’s not a requirement.  The first and perhaps easiest to use is TAILS.  Another very good live system is Linux Kodachi.  With a small effort on your part both will allow you to avoid the gate keeper and better yet, eliminate the evidence that you have done so.

You will need to download the .ISO file of TAILS or Kodachi, and write them to the DVD, or USB drive.  There are several free programs that will allow you to make a bootable thumb drive.  Once you have created the bootable drive you have done all the heavy lifting.

Using a live system will not make permanent changes to your computer.  You computer will operate from files on the DVD or thumb drive, and the computer’s RAM.  When you’re no longer running the live system, it reverts back to the regular system as if nothing happened, and no one is the wiser.

Both of the above systems make use of the TOR browser, and the Onion Router.  Coupled with the use of a VPN each of these systems will make it all but impossible to trace.  Kodachi BTW has free VPN included with it.  I will not complicate this post further, except to say that those that seek to track you by installing software on your computer or other methods, such as keyloggers etc, will not be able to follow you.  The live system is very good at defeating such tools.  All communication is encrypted further stymieing efforts to spy on you.  Both systems include tools to use encryption.  What you need to do is learn the how to’s.  For that I will post links and such that will make it easy to do.  And easy to understand why to use these tools.

First get the free software and boot up your computer, take it for a test drive.


Getting Around the Gate Keepers and Shutting Them Out.

I have recently come across Thomas Dishaw‘s wonderful site.  If privacy, Internet or otherwise is a concern to you.  Head on over to his web site and be amazed.  The tools and how to use them are simply laid out.  He links to and writes about many wonderful privacy tools.  Be forewarned you can spend a whole lot of time here because it’s very interesting.

You should also book mark this page.  You might be astonished by how much you can find out about yourself, and other people.  Learn to shut out the lurkers.  I’ve shared this with many of everyday friends and so should you.

South Carolina AG and Lackeys: Medical Marijuana is America’s Most Dangerous Drug

Attorney General Alan Wilson, along with State Law Enforcement  Chief Mark Keel and the South Carolina Medical Association felt it necessary to make a laughingstock out of themselves yesterday by proclaiming that medical Marijuana, prescribed by doctors nonetheless, is “the most dangerous drug”.  Evidently they haven’t yet heard of opioids and the well documented crisis that is ripping through the entire nation.  Go ahead and laugh I did.

It seems that he is concerned that legislation is being purposed that would make it legal without a doctors prescription.   Which is fine, require a doctors script.  But to stupidly label it as the most dangerous drug because legislators are considering changing the law is breath taking, brazenly stupid.  So there’s got to be a huge chunk of money behind this empty assertion.  Think big pharma.  Who else?

AG Alan Wilson didn’t mince words either, he launched straight into the most damning of all arguments.  Arguments mind you not evidence, arguments.  These are his words:

While standing in the center of the Statehouse lobby, Wilson rattled off slang describing the high from marijuana.

“They use words like stoned, high, wasted, baked, fried, cooked, chonged, cheeched, dope-faced, blazed, blitzed, blunted, blasted, danked, stupid, wrecked — and that’s only half the words they use,” Wilson said. “Are these consistent with something that describes a medicine?”   (it’s slang you dope, ever heard of a boner, woody, dick, dork, pecker, steely dan, iron carrot, are these consistent with medical terminology that describes an erect penis?)

Wilson classified marijuana as the most dangerous drug because he said it was “the most misunderstood drug.”

So Alan, that’s your rubric for dangerous?  How many overdose deaths can be attributed to weed, mary jane, ganja, bud, reefer, pot, herb, grass, dope, hash, roach–warning these words are not medical terminology either.

Most of Allan Wilson’s list of non medical terminology above is also attributable to opioids and there use recreationally or otherwise.  It’s fully a stupid thing to suggest that street words, slang terms for marijuana precludes it’s use as a medicine.  I’m not even sure what logical fallacy he’s using here to scare away the rubes.

The doctors that weighed in at least made an appeal to authority, also a logical fallacy but at least they are the authority to which they appeal.  Nevertheless they too are trying to shore up their financial best interests.  If their customers find a cure for what ails them, for certain afflictions then that would be bad for business.   But a feather in their, the medical professionals cap–

After the news conference, the Medical Association said it disagreed with Wilson’s assessment that marijuana is “the most dangerous drug” in the country. Still, Seabrook argued the new legislation “will not improve the health of South Carolina.”

Dr. Seabrook may be right.  But it won’t necessarily harm the health of South Carolina either.  The effects could be neutral.  It might ease the use of opioids and save a few lives there.

The second largest group of blockheads in the room took exception with the bill’s sponsor.  Republican State Sen. Tom Davis of Beaufort.  Who cited instances of possible benefits of medical Marijuana use.  The article goes on to say:

He tried to refocus the conversation on the people who might benefit from the law including those suffering from chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or appetite loss from chemotherapy.

Law enforcement leaders (blockheads) are unmoved. Steve Mueller, the Cherokee County Sheriff and president of the South Carolina Sheriff’s Association, pleaded for people not to let supporters of medical marijuana “pull at your heart.”

Something I’m sure they say after they shot and kill an unarmed African American.  Empathy and sympathy have no place in today’s society.  Unless it’s directed at law enforcement.

It’s worthy to note the complete failure of the war on drugs, but that same losing game puts lots and lots of money in their coffers, and gives them the right to take property away from citizens without the mess and fuss of a conviction let alone a trial.  No the warthogs are not interested in saving lives only their budgets.

Fear of Missing Out–Meets Fear of Living With

Yet another story about a report, journalist or some derivation of that profession writes a story about giving up facets of the internet, and related technology vendors. This take on that overwrought trope states that the person “surprisingly missed” facebook one of the tech darlings that she tried to do without. I suspect that money changed hands beyond that which paid the normal or standard fee for the story itself. Most but not all such stories, and this is evidence that not all, stories relate that the authors get on just fine without facebook.

I gave up facebook, I chucked my account. Well not fully—I ran a page for my father. He was looking to reconnect with his old war buddies, but didn’t want to be involved with the technical aspect of the project. He’s not at all computer literate and he has no desire to use one. I posted his old war photographs; he served in Japan during the Korean police action. His squadron initially flew the F-51 Mustang (P51-D) to WWII aficionados. That page is still up but no longer maintained. So on a very realistic note I have not completely given up facebook.

Since this post isn’t really centered upon the author’s story linked to above; but to all stories of the genre. Some individuals go for extended periods of time without or at least attempting to go without using google, facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple products etc. The writers then detail how they tried, failed or succeeded in efforts. I haven’t looked, haven’t even spent time looking for articles about people that simply cut back using the services because . . . and how they manged to survive or even excel personally without using the aforementioned technology. Does anyone else find such stories, tendentious, and laborious reads?

Why stop? What does that demonstrate? Instead a far more interesting story would be to read how someone just cut back on using the products listed above, occasionally stopped streaming Netflix or Hulu and went out to dinner or for a walk while leaving the phone at home. Or perhaps cooked their own dinner, any of hundreds of simple ordinary tasks without Alexa, Siri on occasion. Will life go on and will it be worth living with these “indefensible” services and gadets? Yes absolutely.

For privacy reasons I gave the boot to facebook except as outlined above. Microsoft products are required for me to do my job. That comes from the people up above, the ones that can roll shit down hill or cause it to pick up speed as it closes in on me. Microsoft does make some very good products. I have to use them. By my own choice when not performing my job, I use Linux, and open LibreOffice products almost exclusively—almost.

I’ve made one and maybe two purchases from Amazon, not more than that, and not in the last 3 years. I use ebay instead. It’s just a choice I’ve made. I prefer to shop locally even if I have to pay more and usually, I do end up paying more. I don’t watch television at all, none. If a TV is on in a room I am in, I leave the room when I can, ignore the idiot box when I can’t. Shit canning the boob tube is an acquired taste, one that didn’t happen overnight but I have absolutely come to prize its absence. So giving up Netflix or any other streaming service is a non starter for me; radio too. In there place I use news aggregators. I will watch an occasional lol cat video provided it’s not longer than say 45 seconds.

I have no Apple products, none. I started with a PC had I started with a Mac then I’d be using Apple. I do not, not own a smart phone. My daughter has one. We bought it for $10. from a friend to replace her failing MP3 (battery is dying). She’d rather have a MP3 player instead. To be truthful, we do own a feature phone/burner phone. A pay-as-you go device for emergencies.

My point—doing without—stories aren’t all that interesting. I am an older man, with all the baggage that comes with being that i.e., entitled, privileged, ablest, and especially ageist—since I’m white, the color the doctor assigned me at birth, along with my sex, eye color, finger and toe count (five on each appendage thank you doctor Gebhardt) and other now negotiable aspects and physical traits. So lets add sexist to the mix, remember I’m a white CIS gendered, privileged, male. Probably supremacist, could be antisemitic, but certainly racist—goes without saying—cultural appropriating fuck. Oh, and lets not forget NAZI. Not that these words carry the meaning they once used too. Their meaning having been attenuated by extreme over use, and gross miss use. These words are no longer descriptive, only slurs.

All of which is suggestive that I am an older person, one that has done without all of the tech tools now vogue, now deemed necessary. Life is possible without them all, but why would a person want to go days, weeks, or months without them? It proves something to them, it helps make a story—a tiring trope; but doing without is possible. Such advances are a nice thing says this old man. Very nice conveniences, by all means use them, intentional abstinence serves no real purpose. Try a different angle.

The Train Has Already Left the Station

Mat Staver is incensed.  He’s fully crackers.  Some would say that he’s off his nut.  Stavers is opposed to a Bill unanimously passed by the U.S. Senate that explicitly makes lynching a federal crime.  What the hell could be wrong that?

The bill written by three black members of the Senate.  Cory Booker, of New Jersey, Kamala Harris of California, but members of the Democratic Party and Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina would make if a federal crime out of  lynchings motivated by a victim’s “actual or perceived religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.”  It bears repeating that the Bill passed without a single dissenting vote.

Mat Staver is a religious loon.  Not all people of faith are loons and I want to make that clear.  Staver is apoplectic that under this Bill, LGBTQ people are given the same consideration as every other group of people listed.  Mat is full of hate, he’s full of shit but also hate.  He’s a Evangelical Christian–a true Christian, not the garden variety Christian that doesn’t seem driven by hate and fear.

Staver told OneNewsNow that his organization, which has been labeled an anti-LGBTQ “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is lobbying lawmakers in the House to have them remove the bill’s “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” language before taking a vote.

I get the idea the Staver is going to lynch LGBTQ people or encourage his deranged followers to do it, and he feels it unfair to make that a federal crime.  Staver has enlisted the help of another nonprofit, the Liberty Counsel, also made up largely of mouth breathing knuckle draggers to help him with his pro-lynching agenda.

Back in the day when I was a fundy Christian I had the intellectual stones to realize that Staver and his ilk are the worst kind believers.  Self righteous walking, talking shit stains.  Now thanks to the internet, people everywhere can see them for hating filth that they are.  Don’t be like Mat.


Hacking My CPAP–Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle 200

Hacking the Fisher & Paykel Sleepstyle 200–HC234 to be exact.  Recently I’ve learned how to reset the compliance data on this now antiquated machine.  I don’t recall how long I’ve had the unit, but it’s at least been 10 years.  The machine was used briefly for about 200 hours before I gave up on the thing.  That my face is covered with a beard, and that the beard isn’t going any where is one of the reasons for my struggle.  Yes, the familiar mantra, rings true.  There is myriad face masks and you need to try several in order to find one that is comfortable, one that you can wear.  One that you will wear for many hours a night, and one that you will wear out so to speak.  Together with the DME (Durable Medical Equipment) technician we chose a nasal mask i.e., on that only covers my nose.


Well after 40 plus years of not having something on my face while sleeping, I struggled with the mask, and abandoned the fight.  Now ten years later and several pounds heavier, coupled with the same obstructive sleep apnea, I have renewed the fight.  It’s clear that something needed to be done as my energy levels have and do taper off as the day wears on.  Realizing that OSA is the likely culprit I turned once again to the CPAP machine.

Digging it out of the closet where it was lovingly stored months earlier only to discover that the headset, specifically the head gear had deteriorated to the point of complete uselessness.  In fact, the elastic was turning to dust, it was stretched beyond any functionality.  I was greeted with a puff of black powdery dust when I picked it up.  Strangely I was not deterred by this enormous setback, having always believed that the headgear was the problem with the mask.  And not that the mask itself was ill fitting.  With a cord and a couple of adjustable stays, I fashioned a new headgear from the remnants of the old, the Phoenix, that mythical headgear had arisen again.  With a little extra modification and some additional padding, it worked.  Though meant only to be temporary it served to make me reengage with the CPAP.  I also ordered a new headgear which cost US$31.0 which added to my incentive to develop the habit of using the CPAP.

Since my renewed interested in the machine I also wanted to restart, or rather reset the compliance hours to reflect the renewal.  The machine itself is in mint condition.  Used less than 250 hours before it took its place in the closet.  My average nightly use amounted to 1.8 hours or less, I don’t recall the actual number.  This vintage machine lacks features incorporated into the modern CPAP and sorted derivations.  No auto adjustments, it won’t compensate for a leaking mask.  It can be adjusted for altitude, but that task is preformed manually, so on and so forth.  It is somewhat telling that there is software under the hood, and that there is compliance data that cannot be accessed by the patient but only by the DME, and probably the prescribing doctor.  The need interface hardware is no longer available so even if I had the required software, accessing that data is a nonstarter.  Nevertheless, I managed to find, thanks to google and the person that uploaded it, the clinic tech’s manual wherein was contained the instructions to reset the machine.

As I suspected it was a simple matter of holding down the right buttons for the required length of time to access the program.  In this case it was the RAMP button and the UP held together in unison for at least 3 seconds.  Once I performed this task, I only needed to press the UP and the DOWN buttons in unison to clear the memory.  Huzzah.  A fresh a start as I can hope for.  Coupled with my new mask headgear I am set.

My new found will power had enabled me to wear the mask all night.  A habit I developed over the course of 5 days.  I have yet to sleep through the night with the mask on.  I wake up and lay awake for several minutes but manage to fall back asleep, and right now that’s all I can ask for.  My jury-rigged headgear seems to work better than the new, but since I spent the money, I will continue to use the new headgear.  As mentioned before there is no shortage of headgear, mask combinations.   I am surprised that a prescription is required to purchase a mask and requisite headgear together.  However, if you by them separately there exists no need for a script.  During my last visit to the “Free Clinic”, the doctor inquired about my using the CPAP, I gave him the standard answer—I cannot get used to using it, blah, blah, blah.  He seems willing to write the necessary script for me should I require one to update or upgrade the numerous perishables that are requirements for keeping the machine in top working condition i.e., headgear etc.  Although many necessary items can be purchased without a script.

So, over the course of the next few weeks I will acquire more filters, extra water reservoirs (I have a few on hand) and the 6-foot hose that delivers the pressure to my windpipe.  Depending on my financing, perhaps even the decadence of having a spare mask on hand in case.

What surprises me most is the number of people that use a CPAP.  Three out of the nine people in my office (including me) use one.  Also surprising are the complaints directed at the insurance companies and their policies regarding this apparatus.  The recent article published on line by ProPublica was a bit of an eyeopener.   What was alarming was the blatantly stupid policy employed by some insurers to use a single source—approved DME provider—which ramps up cost of providing the CPAP into the stratus sphere, all with the full knowledge of the insurer.  Why?  The insurance companies, and the bean counters that run them might be greedy, but they are not stupid.  How, and why do they stick with a policy that sees the cost of a machine go for perhaps 3x’ what an individual could purchase it for on line?  I suppose it has to do with co-pay, and coinsurance, a kind of damned if you do policy.  Worse yet, from the standpoint of the consumer, the insured, is the compliance aspect related to the payment or reimbursement of the claim.  In order to have the company pay out on the prescribed equipment, the patient needs to use the device 4-6 hours a night.  The new CPAP machines have modems built in them that automatically, without the users’ knowledge, send the meta data to the DME, your physician, and the insurance company.  If you fall short of the expected demands, they, the company will not pay for the treatment.  This too then is, I suppose, why the insurers use expensive DME’s.  A sort of gun to the head of the hapless patient.

Those like me that do not have insurance, though I did when I first got my rental machine which I now own, don’t have to worry about compliance when it comes to the insurance provider.  Compliance may come into play on the physician’s end as some might not continue to see the patient if they are not in compliance.  It’s likely, and I am guessing here, that by the time an insured individual makes the required co-pays, coinsurance, office visit co-pay, and deductible’s that such an individual could just about purchase a decent, modern machine outright, with all the accruements as well.  Provided that they use the right DME, and I suggest going on line to find one.

From anecdotal evidence, there appears to be a fair number of people that once they get used to the machine and all the facets, realize a great benefit.  Stories bound concerning the benefits from use.  Including much greater energy, increased productivity, decreased sleepiness during the day, as well as some not mentioned.  Too, there are many stories of people that fail to realize any benefit or continue to struggle with chronic issues which led the proscribed treatment and use of a CPAP.  I’ve read stories and complaints from individuals that believed that life as they have come to know it will end.  Not seeing the benefit of the ending of raspatory end of the business but that they will be and are crippled since they require a machine and a mask—Darth Vader’s name is often attached to this emotion.  Like most treatments, there is some adjustments to be made but with the help of a good doctor, using a CPAP isn’t and shouldn’t be the end of the world.  Having said that, I have not seen the life changing benefits of using the machine.  I believe there is a benefit, and will keep using mine, but so far it’s been a mild, slight up tick in my energy level of the kind that I don’t get from drinking a cup of coffee.





Twitter is a Public Company

The linked article is of interest to me. Megan Murphy has been banned from Twitter, a lifetime ban.  Unjustly.  There is one point one small point I want to make.  One point that I want to clear up though.  One tinsy little nothing burger of a point and that’s is this;  One I’ve heard and read over again and again.  The following is a good example of it.  I don’t take exception with the author since the point isn’t a major one.  I’m just picking at nits.

Of course, Twitter is a private company and can do whatever it likes. But they have billed themselves as an open platform, one that welcomes debate, ideas, and sharing.

Twitter is a public company it’s traded on the NYSE with a ticker of TWTR. Trading at $32.73 a share 15 mins ago as I write this.  Twitter is in the private sphere, that is to say that it’s not run by the government.  But it’s not private since it’s a publican held corporation.  It has many owners and it has a fiduciary responsibility to it stock holders.  The author (Nicole Russell) of course knows this.  Nevertheless Twitter does have to answer to someone other than Jack Dorsey; and that’s  the stock holders.

I cannot take exception to the author’s opinion.  I agree, I don’t use Twitter (Shitter) I have no use for it.  Twitter is silencing people for purely political reasons.  It’s also doing a lousy job of policing it’s user policy when the user isn’t overtly conservative.  I write this as a liberal, one that describes himself as a bleeding heart liberal.

I shit canned my facebook account about a year ago.  This page is my outlet for my opinions.  I realize that I can also be banned by WordPress but no one reads this page anyway so unless they are using a as yet unknown algorithm to find me, I will continue to fly under the radar.

Megan Murphy’s statements are mostly benign, honest and thought provoking.  That’s probably what got her banned more than anything else.  Thou Shalt not Provoke Thought.   From what little I’ve read of Murphy’s statements I don’t see any controversy.  Hurt feelings maybe but what’s a little butt hurt.  There is after all butt hurt cream.  Murphy’s idea’s and opinions are not unique to her after all.  She will still be read, her voice still heard.  Eventually Twitter will go the way of the dodo as will facebook and in it’s place something else.  Something that will cater to a larger more diverse crowd.  Good riddance I say.


Family of Slain Would Be Missionary Says They Can Forgive The Tribe

John Allen Chau–The Human Pin Cushion–who recently attempted and failed to bring Jesus to a isolated group of indigenous people on a remote island, a remote island which the government of India has declared off limits to outsiders.  An island inhabited by the Sentinelese people who eschew outsiders and violently so–having killed at least two other Indian fishermen that had the unhappy experience of encountering the people when their boat drifted ashore while they slept or so it thought.  Well John, went uninvited, against the strict ordinances against travel to the island, and got himself killed for his trouble.  His family say they can forgive the tribe.  That’s mighty nice of  them ain’t it.

He put the whole group of 40 or more Sentinelese people in grave danger.  The island is very isolated, they do not take kindly to strangers, they have not been exposed to communicable diseases hence, they do not have immunity to such diseases.  If John was carrying something that his body was fighting effectively because he had immunity he in contacting the islanders could have very well passed it on to the whole population.  He might have ended up killing then off, all of them.  But the family forgives the tribe.  He invaded their territory, put them in grave danger to say nothing of his own self.  But out of an abundance of Christ’s love the family will eventually forgive the natives.

John, in his diary, writes that he is aware that he could end up dead.   This modern day apostle Paul threw his own safety to the wind and let Jesus drive.  Just as he suspected, he ended up dead.  Because he kind of had a feeling that that might happen, he asked in his diary for his family to forgive the Sentinelese.  Very few people seem to realize that he had no business going there in the first place.

I suspect that this is just the beginning of the Sentinelese’s nightmare.  Now there will be even more determined attempts to force Jesus, and Christianity down their throats.  Somewhere there is a dumbass Christian pastor probably several, that will want to bring them Jesus using the tried and true method of violence.  Hopefully the Indian government realizes this and increases the coast guard patrols in the area to ward off any other dumbbells from getting through.

Chau’s death was preventable, he injected himself into now win situation.  He will be recast as a brave, selfless individual that sought to bring Jesus, and his, message as interpreted by John and his ilk to the “savages”.  They need saving that much is true.  They need to be saved from the likes of John et al.

John Allen Chau, Human Pin Cushion

John Allen Chau is dead.  He died from several arrows fired by Sentinelese, defenders of their island, one in the chain of Andaman and Nicobar.  The defenders are described as hunter-gathers who are isolated from the outside world and they want to stay that way.  After reading the initial headlines regarding this story, I figured quite correctly that the now deceased and pin cushioned John Allen Chau, wanted to pollute the islanders with his version of Jesus and salvation.

John Chau

The North Sentinel Island is off limits to visitors, so Mr. Chau hired fishermen to take him there.  He made a first attempt the day prior but had to turn back.  The following day he got what he wanted.  The fishermen got him close, in fact too close for their comfort.  Chau, then boarded his canoe, now owned by the natives, and made his way to shore.  He was greeted with several arrows fired from bows, several of which found their mark.  Chau was also set upon by the islanders and according to one witness account, was buried half way (his torso I think) in the sand.

Seeing this, and believing they too were in danger the fishermen fired up their powered boat and put extra space between them and the island defenders.  The fishermen returned the next day to find the dead body of Mr. J. A. Chau left on the beach.  John was 27 years oldThe following account was taken from the Washington Post.

Yadav said that Chau and the fishermen arrived at the island around midnight on Nov. 14. The next day, Chau used a kayak to approach the island and attempted to speak with the islanders, who have been known to fire arrows at interlopers. The fishermen told police that they last saw Chau alive on Friday.  The following morning, they saw his body “being dragged and then buried,” Yadav said.

Another similar account from

A source told AFP: “He tried to reach the Sentinel island on November 14 but could not make it. Two days later he went well prepared. He left the dinghy midway and took a canoe all by himself to the island.

“He was attacked by arrows but he continued walking. The fishermen saw the tribals tying a rope around his neck and dragging his body.  “They were scared and fled but returned next morning to find his body on the sea shore.”

John, was not considered a missionary in the strict sense of the word.  He was bent on bring them to Jesus.  He had written accounts in his diary stating as much.  Chau, was also well aware that his planned trip, his intrusion was illegal.  The fishermen that took him to his eventual doom  were also well aware that in doing so they were breaking Indian law.  Chau, was planning on preaching Christianity to the “lost” tribe.  Lost in that they didn’t know Jesus.  Just how he was going to circumvent the language barrier is any one’s guess.  The Sentinelese islanders, about 40 in total number, managed to get their point across.  There will be no attempt to bring the responsible islander(s) to ‘justice’.  After all they were attending to their own business when they were invaded.

At the time of this writing it’s not known whether his body has been recovered and brought home.

The local Director General of Police Dependra Pathak told TNM: “His body has not yet been retrieved because we have to strategise keeping in mind the nuances and sensitivity of other cultures.

“We are working on that, and are in contact with anthropologists and tribal welfare experts.

“We will figure out some strategy.”

In fundamentalist Christian circles John Allen Chau will be hailed as a hero.  He died in the “noble” pursuit of inflicting Christianity upon innocent native peoples.   In reality John perished for a very stupid reason.