One of my facebook friends posted a statistic concerning facebook usage. Something like 3 out of 5 facebook users come away from the social networking site feeling bad after spending time reading other peoples posts. The reasoning is that those afflicted individuals believe that they are living a less exciting lives or having less fun, less or material possessions than their peers. Does it not occur to these people that maybe their friends may be exaggerating or misrepresenting their accomplishments. Pictures are not always what they seem. In the words of the fictitious Dr. House. People lie.

What I detest are the postings that extol Jesus, and the Christian life. Such posts are almost always outright myth, intentional misrepresentations, logical fallacies etc ad nauseam. Knowing that the vast majority of my facebook friends lack critical higher ordered thinking skills and fail to see the value in them is what leaves me cold when I come away from facebook.