Church destroyed by tornado.

I somehow missed this. A tornado ripped through New London, Wisconsin USA; and sadly uprooted several trees and caused damaged to the homes in that area. I am glad that no one was seriously injured. The worst damage was sustained by the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. Face it it wasn’t damaged it was destroyed. Funny I haven’t read or heard anyone placing the blame on human activity. Isn’t this the point where believers warn us that god is punishing us for tolerating gays, playing card games, dancing on Sunday’s. I suppose some fundy congregation somewhere is having a recruiting drive in part based on this happenstance. Could it be that the god they believe in is sending this church as well as other church’s a message? Hey preacher leave those kids alone. Probably not. It’s an unfortunate happenstance.

The pastor and the parishioners are seeing the hand of god in this. Why because in the wreckage that once was a place of worship, there stands three crosses apparently unharmed.

“It has been a powerful sign, and it speaks volumes to us about the presence of Christ among us,” said the Rev. Bil Sutlief, pastor of the New London congregation. “And that’s been very encouraging.”

That’s good way to keep a stiff upper lip. I take a different message from it. Get the people that built the crosses to rebuild the church. Consider a complete redesign is another message one can take away from this disaster. You might also want to investigate the company that built said church. By all accounts the twister that leveled the joint wasn’t all that powerful. According to the story the church was built in 2001, with an addition added on in 2005, though purpose built as a church, it looks suspiciously like a cheaply constructed home improvement store re purposed into a church. I cannot help recalling the story of Swamp Castle in Monty Python’s The Quest for the Holy Grail. “That one burned down fell over then sank into the swamp but. . . .

Good that no one was hurt.