I am still at that stage where I am not completely jaded by the antics of christians. That is to say that I can still be shocked by the behavior some of the followers of christ. I am a frequent reader of Hemant Mehta’s blog Friendly Atheist. In one of his most recent posts he details the story of a fellow atheist that has written a book that he intends to publish for various media. The Author Joseph Herrera attempted to format his manuscript but had difficulties. He as many other authors do, contracted to have the work done for him. From a list of potential formatters Mr. Herrera randomly chose Jacob Drake. Long story short, Jacob Drake couldn’t help himself, good ole Jacob had to edit, and add to Joseph Herrera’s manuscript. Something that is a no no, something a ethical, competent formatter would, should not do. Hemant tells the story and I hope you point your browser towards his blog for this story and many other Friendly Atheist posts of interest.


Jacob Drake for his part states that he is baffled and confused how the changes made it into Herrera’s finished manuscript. Me I think Jacob is a liar for Jesus type of christian Shitstain.