Sooner or later someone will ask why atheism?  Or as I like to say, why nothing instead of something.  Well I like many other atheist, agnostics was once a christian.  I was once a full gospel christian.  A real live tongue talking filled with the holy spirit christian.  I led others to a saving knowledge of christ to use the vernacular of the day.  I prayed, repented, rejoiced etc, attended church and shared my faith, for about 23 years.  

So what happened?  I began attending classes at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, and eventually graduated with a BS.  I majored in Political Science and minored in Criminal Justice.  Both of these fields of study make use of and develop critical thinking higher ordered thinking skills.  No surprise then that I applied those burgeoning skills to my life and the things that I believed.  I began asking why do I believe what I do.  How do I know what I know.  Shortly thereafter I began making a concerted effort to take a provisional stance on ideas that I held or accepted.  

This is where christian apologetics, a one time hobby of mine, bit the dust.  I was an evolution denier, but I accepted astronomy without too many misgivings.  As stupid as it now is and an embarrassment.  I recall clearly the time and the place that I could no longer accept the creation account, or anything else from my christian indoctrination.

I was in a astronomy lecture in the third semester of school when the professor mentioned something I should have learned years ago but somehow missed.  Why are the planets round?  Simple things in the universe 500 kilometers or larger in diameter have a tendency to be spherical in shape, having been crushed by their own gravity and that the sphere is the most compact shape.  Seconds after that hit my ears, what little was left of my christian life evaporated.  No more need to have a god, there are perfectly reasonable, natural explanations for our universe, solar system and for us humans being here.  And that’s why nothing instead of something.