One of my favorite old testie quotes “the fool hath said in his heart, there is no god”.  So why would this be a favorite of a godless atheist?  Simple at the time it was written people believed that your heart, the blood pumping muscle in your chest was the essence of self.  It was to them what we know the brain really is to modern humans.  This quote is not a metaphor, and if you think it’s today, you’re are wrong too.  The author of this quote is seriously ensconced with the idea that the muscle in our chests is the place for thoughts and being.  So what?  you say, we now know differently and that this passage is still relevant.

Well lets look at it like this.  There are those that believe the bible is the true inerrant word of god.  Shouldn’t an inerrant work be able to speak scientific truths to it’s readers.  The bible tells us nothing about science, tells us nothing more than what humans knew then.  But if there were a god, and he inspired his inerrant words why does he allow a silly mistake like this to be passed on?  He should know that we think in our heads using our brains and not a muscle in our chest that pumps blood.  If this passage stated that a fool hath thought in his brain, mind, then the bible would be instructing on something no one else knew or accepted at the time of it’s publication.  The author is ignorant of how the human body works and he is not nor are his words inspired or inspiring.  

The bible has nothing to teach us.  It’s certainly not a source of morality, there are other contemporaneous works that are a much better moral guide.