Pascal’s wager What’s the harm in believing, if I’m wrong and there’s no god, then I am out nothing. But if I’m right and there’s a god I get to go heaven and you Mr. Atheist are in trouble, burning/frying in hell. All the while I’m with Jesus and we are laughing, pointing, and staring at you. So it best to believe. Your’s is a tendentious belief. You assume that you are believing in the right god in the first place. And yet there are and have been thousands of other –true gods– worshiped through the militia. is a place where you can find a list and description of all the other gods you might want to consider accepting. After all all you have is faith that you got the right one, and faith is not knowing with certainty. In fact it’s the opposite of being sure, the opposite of knowing. Remember that Jesus stated that he would return in the life time of his followers, and yes as it is written he meant it. How did that work out. I don’t recall him returning in power for all the world to see. Can you really trust the bible god, or Jesus? The second part to address is the I’m out nothing proclamation. You’re out of the time you wasted in church, the time wasted praying, not to mention the money you tossed into the church coffers. The simple pleasures that you denied yourself because it might be a sin. Movies that you missed, time spent with friends. Perhaps you were shunned by one group of family or believers because you didn’t believe what they did. According to the Encyclopedia of Christianity there’s over 30,000 plus different variants of christianity. Suffice it to say you are no doubt going to somebody else’s version hell. Just as you believe that they are going to hell for not accepting your beliefs. If there is a god, perhaps that god really hates people that believe in your barbaric, raging misogynistic minor warrior god of the “Old Testament”–Hebrew Tenauch. You might after all be the one at risk. That god might reason that I don’t believe because too much has been made out of Yahweh. To be on the safe side I’ll stay unencumbered by theistic constructs.