Atheism is a religion too. Or the old I haven’t got enough faith to be an atheist.

Because he explains it so well I am going to quote Matt Dillahunty of the ACA. The Atheist Community of Austin. He is a co-host of the Atheist Experience which is a cable television show produced by the ACA and can be seen via a live video feed anywhere in the world via the internet. I am paraphrasing Matt,

Atheism isn’t a belief, it’s an answer to one question. Is there a god? Thats it. There is no dogma, no underlying beliefs or rituals that have to be observed. One cannot be excommunicated from the fold, for holding differences of opinion or observing ritual not deemed atheist enough. There is no governing body, no prescribed texts. Certainly no higher authority to bow and scrape too. I do not, nor does any other atheist have to answer to another atheist for my beliefs or rather non-belief.

Atheism is to faith/religion as bald is to hair color.

You may have heard christian apologists like William Lane Craig saying that they haven’t the faith that it takes to be an atheist. I agree in part, accepting something on faith is stupid, unwarranted. Not willing to accept something because there is a dearth of evidence to back it up it the correct stance to take. What they are saying is that they haven’t enough faith to disbelieve in other gods, and yet thats just what they claim to do. No evidence, no belief, no problem for the atheist.