More inane questions.  If you were to die tonight would you go to heaven?  Alternatively, where do you think you will do if you were to die tonight?  What happens to you when you die?

Exactly where is heaven, do you have any unambiguous evidence for the existence for this place?  What is heaven and what happens in this mythical place.  Setting that aside for a minute, does anyone go to heaven when they die?  That is very much an open question for christians.  Does one go to heaven in the physical resurrection?, after?  There’s that whole problem of flesh and blood not inheriting heaven.  So when do you get your spiritual body?  Before, during or after the rapture?  What about those that are faithful to god and as a result are martyred as in the book of Revelation.  It seems that they are the only ones that get to go directly to heaven after death.  Long story short it seems that there is a circuitous path to heaven.  

I like you will die, and cease to exist.  My brain will slowly shut down do to lack of oxygen and quit working.  The body begins to decompose almost at once upon death.  It will rot, I will be buried, or cremated, or my body will be donated to science.  I have given permission to have my organs to be harvested in the hopes that they can give life or at least a better life to someone else.  Quite simply the rest of the container will rot.  

To rip off a quote or paraphrase attributed to Mark Twain, I have been dean for millions (turns out it’s billions) of years before I was born.  I don’t recall any of it.  Couldn’t have been all that bad.