We started a small reading club at work, very much like a book of the month club.  Our first meeting went well, we read In the Garden of the Beasts.  Erik Larson’s tour De force–about Ambassador William Dodd, and his family’s brief time spent in the beginning of the Nazi reign.   Not a bad read, I don’t see me rereading it though.  The next book we have elected to read is The Shack.  Until tonight I was clueless about the book having only read a smallish paragraph describing it.  So when I got home I decided to check into it further.  Come to find out it’s a christian novel.  I wondered when I joined the group how long it would be before someone suggested some piece of drivel to read.  When asked for suggestions I didn’t bother trying to sneak in an atheist or freethought works simply because I am not actively trying to convert my co-workers.  I suspected that some clown would use this as an opportunity to proselytize for Jesus.  I am going to read it, perhaps it won’t stink.  I may have to rethink suggesting some freethought literature.