One computer help blog I turned to when searching for a solution to a computer related problem, had a cute little saying in it.  “It’s all fun and games until the computer guy’s computer goes down.  The past 5 days have been no fun and games for this computer guy.  I’ll cut to the chase, my computer hard drive took a shit.  It’s less than one year old and it has several bad sectors.  It’s older that the hills and I’m not going to spend another nickel to repair it.  It will no longer boot up, it just keeps recycling in the start up mode.  Yet I have found a nice work around to circumvent this problem.  Actually two solutions, but both are very much alike.  I can use the computer with a live OS system.  Currently I am using Tails.  It loads from a DVD and it runs a TOR browser.  It’s conceived by those security conscious computer geeks with security conscious people like me in mind.  I am able to largely remain anonymous while using the internet, and when I remove the disk form the drive, the computer quits and in so doing erases all traces of my work.  That is unless I choose to save it to a USB drive, or to use a small amount of hardirve space.  The second method is much the same however, I use a Ubuntu disk and run the system as a trial of Ubuntu.  Both are functional and I can use a nearly useless system.  A quick tip of the hat to Edward Snowden for bringing security and personal freedoms into sharp focus.

So even though it’s not all fun and games, I am learning to do an end around the asswipes at the NSA.