As I have mentioned in the past, there is nothing about being an atheist that guarantees his or her actions or motives are above reproach.  Yes, there immoral atheists.  The claim however is that atheists have no moral compass, no way of determining right or wrong without god, and the bible.  Of course this is bull$hit.  That believers who have the bible and therefore knows god’s will, and can distinguish right from wrong are superior and can be trusted above and beyond a godless antichristian atheist.  This too is bull$hit.

September 20th 2013 a man enters the ABC Gold Games and More pawn shop in Danville KY.  He murders Michael and Angela Hockensmith 34 and 38 years-old respectively.  They are husband and wife;  also murdered at the scene is 60 year-old Daniel P. Smith.  All three are killed in front of the Hockensmith’s two children, the older child is 9 years-old, his sister is just two.  The authorities haven’t ascertained the motive for the shooting but have indicated it might be just a case of robbery.

So given the savage nature of the crime what are the odds that it was committed by a godless atheist.  An atheist that lacks the moral compass.  An atheist that doesn’t have the bible, gods word to help him or her distinguish right from wrong.  Pretty good right?

Well not this time.  Pastor Kenneth A. Keith was arrested for the hideous crime.

Kenneth A. Keith, 48, of Burnside was arrested after police searched three Pulaski County locations, including Main Street Baptist Church in Burnside where Keith is the pastor, the church parsonage and Gold Rush Buyers, a jewelry store Keith operates in Somerset, according to a news release from the police department.

Probably wasn’t a true christian huh?  That’ s at least three commandments shattered in a matter of seconds.  Thou shalt not kill\murder, thou shalt not steal, thou shall not covet–I have a feeling that I am missing several other divine commandments or should I say suggestions.  But what do I know, I am an atheist and I therefore have no moral compass to guide me.  Except that I can empathise with people, I have been a victim of crime and I know what it’s like to be on the backside of crime.  Secular law tells me if nothing else informs me that stealing, and murder is wrong to say nothing of taking the lives of a mother and father in front of their children  In front of an innocent bystander, and killing that bystander too boot.  I just know it’s wrong.

Pastor Ken is of course innocent til proven guilty in a court of law.  He is alleged to have commited the acts mentioned above.  Hat tip to Mojey at the Deep Thoughts blog.