The news on Yahoo’s home page sends chills down my spine.
Authorities in New Mexico are looking for 9 children, though it’s alleged that one of the missing children has returned to his parents. The children are or were in the custody of the Tierra Blanca Ranch which is administered by Scott Chandler. Chandler is thought to be with the missing children. What make this chilling ? This 30,000 acre ranch hellhole is being investigated by the New Mexico State Police for alleged abuse that has taken place under it auspices. On one occasion officers were called to the ranch at the behest of one of the campers inmates. The child had called them from a phone that he had taken from the camp after he fled escaped. At the time the officers found the boy he was in shackles.

 According to state police reports, program participants said they saw one teen beaten by an employee while the boy was shackled after he had been forced to run all day. Other police reports say employees had groups of teenage residents beat another resident for being uncooperative.Officers called to the ranch on at least one occasion found a boy in shackles. He had escaped and called state police on a telephone he had taken from the ranch. Officers returned the boy to the ranch and had to serve a search warrant later to retrieve him at his mother’s request.

Also according to same piece in the Express News article the ranch hellhole on earth has garnered the states attention since 2006.

Pegasus Legal Services for Children and parents of some teenagers placed in the program began asking for an investigation into the ranch earlier this year, claiming the program appeared to violate fundamental rights of the teenagers staying there. In a series of letters, Pegasus executive director Elizabeth McGrath urged CYFD Secretary Yolanda Deines to open an investigation into the program. The ranch has been on state child welfare agency’s radar since 2006, but the agency has taken no action. The agency determined in 2006 or 2007 that the ranch was a wilderness program and therefore not subject to licensing requirements.

After reading several articles about the alleged abuses that have taken place at the Tierra Blanca Ranch; I decided to see if they had a web presence. I was not to be disappointed, I also suspected I would find that the camp administrators were in fact devoted christians, and not only that but that god would figure predominately in the running of the camp. Right again, it’s almost too easy.

The Chandlers are Cattle ranchers with a heart for God and turning these kids lives around.

Because nothing tells the Chandlers how to treat a troubled juvenile better than the bible right? Spare the rod spoil the child, stoning disobedient children, etc. So what method do these intrepid, loving godly people use to train beat up a child?

You may have already guessed, and probably correctly so. In case you missed your guess or didn’t think it all the way through this is how The Albuquerque Journal reported the story.

 The Albuquerque Journal reported last week that the state is investigating claims that teens were beaten and forced to wear leg shackles and handcuffs for minor violations of rules at the unlicensed program. The Journal also reported that investigators had found evidence of pervasive medical neglect, systematic emotional and psychological abuse, potential criminal sexual contact and shackling, handcuffing and hooding of children – in some cases for prolonged periods.

So not only did they do the lord’s work training beating up a child. They also got paid to do it; and don’t forget they also earned the love and undying affection of the chirstian community. It’s just a little bit of heaven Guantanamo right here in the USA.