James Maxie pictured above, a self described militant atheist attacks  Rev. Norman Hayes, after Hayes asked his girlfriend if she felt safe with him:  Maxie is a person with history of violent outbursts.  

He previously spent two years in jail for a felonious assault conviction, and became a convicted sex offender after have unlawful sexual contact with a minor in 2008. He was also charged, but never convicted, of four counts of animal cruelty in 2004.


The beating of Rev. Hayes is a savage act, there is no justification for this brutal act.  


Police Chief Jarrod Campbell said in his 11 years with the department, he’s rarely dealt with “an incident this brutal.”
The Rev. Norman Hayes, 57, said he feared for his life and begged for the attack to stop. Hayes suffered a broken nose, bruises and three long cuts that required stitches across his face.


I want to make clear that I have no problem calling attention to this incident.  I have taken christians to task for the supposed superiority of their moral compass.  James Maxie must be made to pay for what he did to Rev Hayes.  Both monetarily and of course behind bars where he belongs.  His crime perpetrated on Norman Hayes is a crime against Hayes and the State of Ohio.  I do not condone Maxie’s actions and I say that James Maxie has no moral compass.  He and his actions are despicable.  He bring disrepute upon me and the atheist community and that is not something I am going to forgive, no matter what the bible says.  Given the extent of his injuries it appears that Rev. Hayes did in fact turn the other cheek.  To have done otherwise could have cost him more than a severe beating.  Perhaps even his life, wisely Rev. Hayes begged him to stop and rightfully so.  Hemant Mehta aka the Friendly Atheist is making personal inquiries into the well being of Rev. Norman Hayes.  If it turns out that Rev. Hayes needs assistance and I cannot imagine that he couldn’t use at the very least financial assistance to help pay for the medical bills.  Hemant will no doubt set up a way that concerned people, and us the greater atheist community can come together and aid this innocent man.  I am going to donate because it’s the right thing to do.

James Maxie you are dead to me.