I came across this while doing actual work at work yesterday; no really I was working.

Moon Globe

I’m thinking I might just need this.  I know I want it but I think I NEED this, and the bottle of wine in the background  I need that too.  Imagine being the first on your block, the first of your friends to have this attractive little night light.

After reading my company’s social media policy yesterday in search of material for this web site; I was reminded, gently, that I need to make sure to distance myself from the company when making recommendations.  The relevant policy is as follows.

You must make clear that your opinions are yours alone and do not represent the opinions of Company A-Y-Z, , except to the extent you are specifically authorized by your supervisor to say otherwise. “These are my views, and not the views of my employer” is a good disclaimer.

While I think this is COOL.  The company for which I work would like it to be known  that is my opinion, and that opinion isn’t necessarily agreeable in the eyes of corporate.  I do not work for the company that makes this globe, and I will not receive any remuneration from the creators, manufacturers, distributors, etc.  Not a red cent.  Also I’m not gong to divulge the name of my employer unless I’m rendered or under threat imminent of torture.