A Little More About Me. Why does it always have to be about me?

My given name is Martin.  A name I always hated, I have grown slightly more accustomed to it in the past 50 or so years.  One reason is that Marty the diminutive of Martin, rhythms with farty, and from that you get Farty Marty Martian from Mars and other sundry insults.  Not at all welcome while in puberty.  The last name is Rolfe, which rhythms with golf/gulf as the “e” is silent.  Not sure why that is as I didn’t pay enough attention to grammar in grammar school.  Through the efforts of my next of kin we can trace our heritage back to 1440’s or there abouts.  There are no famous people in my direct line.   Rolfe at least this spelling of the name is English and my family is from southern England, Whiteparish, Wiltshire England and the environs.

I studied political science at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Wisconsin USA. Minoring in criminal justice. Both of these fields of study pushed me to develop critical higher order thinking skills. In time as I applied them to my life as a student and budding scholar and to my personal life—my life as a christian, I could no longer reconcile a position of faith in god, Jesus, or any other god. There simply is no evidence to support the claims of a deity.

I didn’t reject Christianity over night, like many other atheists I clung to my beliefs having invested so much time, energy and hope in them. Nevertheless as I traveled away from to belief towards accepting the evidence and following where that path led me, I discarded the faith. In the interim I led others to believe as I did. I prayed, prayed for hours many times into the wee hours of the morning. I attended church, was the founding member of two small groups. Read the bible, read apologetic literature, and always found a way to witness to those outside my christian group. I made enemies of many who were certain that they were following the correct path. I made a jackass out of myself for christ. If I could gather all of those people together, those I witnessed to, those that I went to church with, those that I offended; I would say to them that I was wrong, and I am sorry.



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