‘You’ll never catch me or stop me,’ Says Laughing Ruddy Rodriguez and Then. . .

Authorities said Ruddy Rodriguez drove alongside officers while erratically driving the ATV through Federal Hill Wednesday night. He was laughing and hollered, “You’ll never catch me or stop me!”

This is Laughing Ruddy’s mug shot, taken shortly after those famous last words.  I kind of hope this isn’t the last we hear of or from Ruddy.

Ruddy, until recently was using his ATV (all terrain vehicle) to ride illegally on the streets of Providence, Rhode Island.  He is not alone in his reckless, (wreck-less) behavior as several other hoodlums have taken their ATV’s to the streets and in many cases the sidewalks of that fair city.  These dorks ride in and out of traffic, run red lights, and cause pedestrians to scramble for safety they terrorize the parks too.  The problem is so serious that if and when one of them is arrested, their ATV is confiscated, and upon conviction is destroyed.  Which is what’s very likely to happen to Mr. Rodriguez’s ride.

It not so much that the cops caught Ruddy.  It’s more of a when they stopped laughing situation.  It seems that a city owned potted plant that had taken down the miscreant.  Ruddy had taken to the sidewalks after taunting the local boys in blue.  He hoped to make good his getaway.  For reasons known only to him, ruddy crashed into a large planter, and finished his “Olympic worthy” performance by smashing into an electrical box.

Judging by the picture above, Ruddy didn’t sustain any physical injuries.  He might be sore in the morning.  But what’s extra special good is the damage done to his out-sized ego.  He will always be able to brag that it wasn’t the coppers that put an end to his Jesse James life style, it was potted plant and an electrical box.

Hey Jesse, err Ruddy, still makin payments on that ATV?

I’m told a plate of crow served up cold tastes a whole lot like chicken.










Money for College: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

I do not work for College Money Guys and I am not being compensated in any way for posting this.  I do have a daughter that is college bound very soon.  I sent her this press release with instructions to give me her take on what these fatal or near fatal mistakes financially speaking, are.

I was already an old man when I attend the UWW but its been years since then.  The link above has a free PDF that illuminates these missteps.  In order to get the freebie you need to give out your name and email address.  I have several throw away email addresses giving out such information isn’t onerous.

While I majored in political science my wife was far more practical and earned her MBA with a emphasis in finance, so were set but my daughter could use another voice, and independent voice to explain how to go about avoiding unnecessary detours, or taking on nonessential debt.

A Law Aimed Squarely At African-American Youth

Wearing baggie pants in North Carolina, could soon cost the offenders which $25-$50-$75 for first, second, and third offense respectively.   The “pants on the ground” look is popular with African-American youths though not limited to just that sub group of youth.

The law is highly discriminatory, and no doubt that’s by design.  It’s also designed to take money out of the pockets of black youth.  I can only wonder how many cops will fear for their lives while enforcing the money generating law.  I suspect that several young blacks will be shot and killed because of it even though the law doesn’t criminalize the act.  It just requires the payment of fine and after the first offense the possibility of community service, or should I say the likelihood of a funeral service?

I’m guessing that this will end up in the courts, and due to proprietorial stupidity end up before the US Supreme Court where it will die quickly the death it deserves.  After all it’s easy to see that this style of wearing ones pants, trousers, to some is expressive and hence free speech, protected free speech.  It’s also clearly racist.  Unless the authorities intend to pass a “plumber’s crack” law as well.

Under Armour Strikes (Out) Again

The linked to article starts out by saying–“If you been paying attention . . . ”  I haven’t so it took my wife to show me the latest Under Armour SNAFU.  I do recall that Under Armour was blamed four  years ago for the abysmal performance of the US speed skating team; which I also recall wasn’t so speedy.   I am not sure that the uniforms warranted the lions share of the blame but no one was going to say that the US speed skaters were second best.  Of course you’d be right since they weren’t second or even third best.  They didn’t metal.

Under Armour stock price hasn’t been a winner lately and the latest look is gaining them attention but it’s not positive, and not likely to improve the company’s image or stock price.  (NYSE: UAA is actually up significantly since November 2017)

How pray tell did this look make it out of design stage?

Did it occur to them that the block oblong patch of black draws a lot of attention to the fun bit?  (dirty bits if you’re a prude)

It could be that I am part of the problem for noticing, along with millions of other human beings, the crotch enhancing effect.

I doubt that the men’s team is too awfully upset about the uniforms drawing attention to their wang, but what about the women–we are after in the post Harvey Weinstein era.

Do the other teams wear uniforms that as a part of functionality make (force?) them look ridiculous?


Hard to look badass dressed like this, nice try though.

Does the Ski team have a similar look?

Eric Lundgren V. US Copyright Law and Microsoft. Innovative Recycling Magnate Faces Prison Time.

Read the Washington Post story linked to here.  The story is written by Tom Jackman, and he does a very good job of detailing the why Eric Lundgren could be sent up Shit Creek sans paddle.  Long story short, is Copyright Infringement.  He created and attempted to sell “restore discs” for Windows operating systems.  Something Microsoft doesn’t do.  Lundgren and his expert witnesses point out that with out a license, a restore disk is worthless, or nearly so.  Jackman in his article supplies much more information and fills out the background very well.

Below is how MS attorney laid out the great harm done to Microsoft.  All of that is hypothetical, since Lundgren failed to sell even a single restore disk, something that Microsoft no longer provides to it’s customers.

Microsoft attorney Bonnie MacNaughton wrote to Hurley, the judge, describing the case as one of “software piracy,” costing the computer industry billions annually, and saying that prosecution was important “to deter others from engaging in the illicit global trade in decoupled product activation keys” — meaning the sale or trade of the license stickers applied to the originally licensed computer. Microsoft calculated that Lundgren’s 28,000 restore discs could have been sold to refurbishers for $20 each, and that 75 percent of that total was Microsoft’s average profit, so it demanded restitution of $420,000.

Lundgren claims that the assistant U.S. attorney on the case told him, “Microsoft wants your head on a platter and I’m going to give it to them.”  (corrupt US attorney’s gotta love em)
Bet this shithead legal beagle gets a high paying job at corporate headquaters right after this case is “handled.”

I’m all for Copyright law, and I have no problem with Microsoft protecting it’s intellectual property and the rights that go along with it.  I am upset with Mr. Lundgren a little bit for even considering the use of Microsoft in the first place.  It’s not really a gray area, it’s in my mind cut and dry and he had to at some level know that Microsoft (big computer) would come looking for him.  Bad Mr. Lundgren, very bad, you could have, and should have used Linux and the hundreds of derivatives thereofIt’s Free Open Source Software.  Linus Torvalds  and his many lackey’s wouldn’t have asked for your head on a platter, and no US attorney would or could give it to them.

“Microsoft does not sell restore CDs,” Lundgren said. “Microsoft sells licenses” that enable their software to work, Lundgren said, from $300 for a new operating system to $25 for a license for a refurbisher who wants to resell a computer that does not already have a licensed copy of Windows.

Given that no actual harm was inflicted on MS, though they don’t see it that way.  It does appear that MS isn’t after Lundgren for his attempt to sell restore disks, they want his recycling business to go away.  They it appears, want manufactures to make and sell more computers and hence more MS licenses–profits.  If Mr. Lundgren manages to escape from the clutches of MS, he can still recycle, and he can do it Linux operating systems.  All of the fastest top 500 supercomputers run on Linux; all of them.

As per the latest report from Top 500, Linux now runs on all of the fastest 500 supercomputers in the world. The previous number was 498 as remaining two supercomputers ran Unix.

Top500 is an independent project that was launched in 1993 to benchmark supercomputers. It publishes the details about the top 500 fastest supercomputers known to them, twice a year. You can go the website and filter out the list based on various criteria such as country, OS type, vendors etc.

Supercomputers to desktops Linux has an operating system that is cost effective (free) and works very well on older and new systems. Hopefully Linux systems will take a huge bit out of Microsoft’s bottom line.

For fun check out Libreoffice, Free Open Source Software (FOSS) complete office suite.  I use it for everything not related to work.  Work is a different story and I am chained to MS for the time being.  In fact Libreoffice just released it’s newest version and it’s sweet.

Good luck Mr. Lundgren, your heart and desire to recycle, and make a living doing so is admirable–just use open source from here on out.


Australia, It’s With a Heavy Heart That I Share This Sad Bit of News

Brace yourselves Aussies!  Yes, go ahead have a bracer, a good strong one.  Now get ready to face palm.  Ready?

Australia isn’t a country!  Hard to believe I know but bear with me.  Australia is a continent, and island if you will but not a country.  This isn’t my opinion.  I studied political science at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater USA.  (UWW).  So I’m aware that Australia, is in fact a country, a nation state.  Or as we say in the PS. world a state, an actor on the world state.  It has a system of government, borders, laws, a military to defend the borders, various ethnic groups that make up the populace, traditions, social institutions, I could go on but why labor the point.

US professor fired after telling student ‘Australia isn’t a country’Hey how do you manage to walk around upside down all the time? (snark)

Well it seems that at least one U.S. university professor–a real live PhD disagrees or at least disagreed with that whole country business.  She did and it cost her her job.  This professor gave out an assignment that required students to compare social norms between the good old United States, and another continent er, country.  Ashley Arnold, chose Australia, the country, continent, island etc.

  Ashley Arnold, 27, who is studying toward an online sociology degree at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), was “shocked” to learn she had failed an assignment, part of which required students to compare social norms between the United States and any other country – in her case Australia. Arnold was downgraded because her professor believed “Australia is a continent; not a country.” 

Right now I want to say that the professor is not identified.  I also want to say that though this professor was a woman, this is not a reflection on all women professors.  I preferred the women professors, and had many many good ones.  This story should also not be used to judge the professor in her area of expertise (Philosophy).  However, it should say volumes about her geopolitical acumen, and her google fu abilities.  I do understand that professors are busy very busy.  This particular professor holds a lecturers position which means that she is grossly under paid, and wildly overworked.  She may teach at several different universities in the area and earn less that $20,000 in a year with which she will use to service crippling debt.  What is problematic with this professor is that she was slow on the uptake, and a little bit vindictive.

To address the professor’s apparent ignorance, Arnold sent a series of emails containing references from the school’s library which clearly stated Australia is both a continent and a country. Arnold even referred her to a section of the Australian government’s webpage called “About Australia” that said “Australia is an island continent and the world’s sixth largest country (7,682,300 sq km).”  (not to put to fine a point on it)

Arnold eventually received a passing grade, a B+ which is rather insulting since she managed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Australia, is a country which is found on the continent of the same name, and she enlightened the instructor just a little bit.

After reviewing Arnold’s paper the professor gave her a new grade of a B+, but never apologized, merely acknowledging that she had a “misunderstanding about the difference between Australia as a country and a continent.”

Southern New Hampshire University on the other hand took the matter a few steps farther:

“We deeply regret the interaction between our professor and our student. We have apologized to Ashley, replaced the instructor & are reimbursing her tuition for the course,” SNHU said on Twitter. “To our friends in Australia, we know that you are a country and a continent, best of luck in the Olympic Games!”

So with that I too will apologize to all the people down under.  I’m sorry for my fellow citizens ignorance about your great country.  Some time in the future I will regale you with the story of how the United States Marine Corp color guard marched onto a baseball diamond during the “World Series” between Canadian baseball team and a US team carrying the Majestic Canadian Maple Leaf National Flag upside down.  It was not an intentional insult yet it had the same effect.   This from a nation that worships it flag.


It doesn’t get much sadder than this.  A Texas second grade school teacher passes away after contracting the flu.  She was under the care of a doctor but couldn’t afford the $116. insurance copay for the medicine proscribed.

Heather Holland, a second-grade teacher at Ikard Elementary School with the Weatherford Independent School District died over the weekend, the Weatherford Democrat reports. Holland got sick about a week ago and took medication, but delayed picking up the prescription due to the $116 copay, according to the newspaper.

By Friday night, Holland’s condition worsened and she was taken to the hospital. Her husband Frank Holland told the Weatherford Democrat that she died Sunday morning.

If the copay was $116. what was the cost of the medicine?

I have to wonder if Heather knew the severity of her condition?

In years past the CDC and other medical professionals made great efforts to make the public at large aware of the dangers of contracting the flu; especially the second coming of the swine flu several years ago.  That return bout was supposed to be very deadly and easily contracted.  However due in large part to concerted efforts to mitigate the impact of that strain of the flu, which were successful, the predictions of worse case scenarios didn’t pan out.  Extraordinary steps were taken to prevent the spread.

This flu season its been intimated that the flu shot was not the right mix for staunching the outbreak we are currently experiencing.  Even so getting the flu shot is not a guarantee that an individual won’t get the flu however, if enough people get the the shots it’s likely that an outbreak can be mitigated via herd immunity.

There’s an outcry now now that the number of deaths has risen to alarming proportions but, where was the run up?

Why was there so little done to bring awareness to this deadly strain?  If as has happened in the past money was spent in scaring the shit out of people then perhaps Heather and her husband would have taken the precaution of getting vaccinated.  Barring that perhaps they would have used a credit card to pay the enormous copay.  I’m guessing here that she thought she would get better without the medicine and didn’t want to pay sky high interest on a small dose of medicine.

In the end of course the copay, staggering as it is, the onerous interest rates associated with credit cards if they had one and used it, would have given her a fighting chance.  Mr. Holland, instead of paying off a fractionally smaller copay now has to bury the love of his life.  I am willing to bet that the hospital bill even with insurance, will exceed the cost of the pending funeral.

My heart goes out Mr. Holland, his loss is great; so is the loss to the Weatherford community, and the Ikard Elementary School.  There are so very few good people in this world it really hurts to lose one.







LibreOffice 6 is Available, Yeah!

This according to web page It’s FOSS.  I subscribe to his newsletter and find his site in general to be a very pleasant and useful resource for all thing Ubuntu/Linux and it’s sundry forks.

Rather than update straight away, and Abhishek, explains how to go about that before the roll out, I’m going to wait until I get the notice to upgrade.  There are several new features in this version which are covered in some detail at the above link.  If you use, or would like to tryout a very good FREE office suite, then head over to It’s Foss and read up on what’s new.

FISA Memo Lays an Egg; Colonel’s 11 Herbs and Spices Secret Recipe Safe For Now; Coke Formula in Doubt

I wasn’t going to bother reading the FISA memo.  I did.  If you haven’t and have a spare few minutes and a active imagination you might consider it.  Before you may I be so bold as to suggest you read or reread the grave warnings offered by both the Republican and Democratic parties.  If you do not want to and it’s completely understandable; just know this–both sides pointed out that the release of this short 4-5 page memo would lead to the destruction of our country as we know it.  The memo would and actually may have eroded unqualified belief and undeserved reputation of the FBI, CIA, both major political parties, the NSA etc.  That of course is not a bad thing.  We should never extend trust blindly secret processes or services.  We were warned that releasing this memo would lead to a national security nightmare.  A Pandora’s box of security secrets free for the taking.

So I felt that I should at least see these deep, dark, irretrievable secrets that would bring the USA to a low state.  What I found?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing that was discussed in detail prior to the release.  If you read the website Zero Hedge, you had access to the entirety of this memo several weeks ago, all of it.  I read Zero Hedge, that’s how I know, that’s how the Russian’s know, the Germans, the UK, Canada, Iran, Israel, etc, etc.   The FISA memo is the all important “I told you so,” and that it.

Consider the revelations courtesy of   Edward Snowden; the least of which is earth shattering compared to what’s in this memo.  I was led to believe that the FISA memo was going to put out information at least as secret as the Mr. Crab’s Carbbie Patty formula.  The recipe for Coke, or god forbid the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices for crying out loud.  Nope it was a fizzle.  What the memo did do, and quite effectively, was obliterate what little credibility either party had, as well as those incompetent, corrupt alphabet agencies.  However, since our elected officials have the lowest approval rating in the history of this nation, no real damage was done.  Don’t print the memo it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Approximate Value of Olympic Gold Medal; The Precious Metal in a Medal

As the linked article points out the value of winning a medal at the Olympics is far greater than the value of just the metal that comprises the medal.  I for one am wishing South Korea, the host country of the winter games, great success.

The gold medal, as is pointed out in the press release isn’t solid gold.  It’s made up of mostly silver and gold is plated on top of that.  The silver that is used is 99.9% pure or what silver aficionados refer to as triple 9 fine.  Naturally the silver medal is 99.9% pure silver; sadly the press release doesn’t mention the material composition of the bronze metal  but I suspect it’s devoid of the other two precious metals.  The following is taken straight from the press release put out by Dillon Gage.

You can visit their very fine website at–https://dillongage.com/

I do not work for Dillon Gage, and am not compensated in anyway for mentioning the press release or linking to their webpage.  I did find it interesting so I’m posting it.

Now to what they’re worth. Each of the gold medals is actually comprised of 99.9 percent silver, with 6 grams of plated gold, weighing 586 total grams. The silver medals weigh 580 grams and the bronze weigh 493 grams.

In calculating a gold medal’s worth, first we take into account the fact that it is 99.9 percent silver, weighing 580 grams. It takes 31.1033 grams to equal a troy ounce. Now for the math. The current price of silver is trading at approximately $17.00. Using an equation to solve the silver composition:

580g/31 x $17.00 = $318.06

Next, we add in a calculation accounting for the six grams of gold. At current prices, an ounce of gold is trading around approximately $1,340. Using an equation to solve the gold composition:

6g/31 x $1,340 = $259.35

Thus, the actual combined value of the gold and silver composition in a Pyeongchang Winter Olympics gold medal would be worth approximately $577.41.



The actual value of the metals is subject to change several times a day and therefore pinning down the actual value at any given time would require knowing what the spot price is for that slice of time.  I’m sure that all of this is further explained on their web page.